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  • Our Curries are not 100% Dairy Free and Gluten Free.
  • All Curries are avialble in Mild, Medium, Hot & Indian Hot.
  • Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.
  • All curries come with rice

Papadum & Dips (D/GF)$ 8.50

4 Crispy Papadums served with mango chutney & raita

Onion Bhaji (V/GF). (3pcs)$ 8.50

Battered patties of onion slices, deep fried & served with sweet and sour chutney

Samosa(V/DF) (2pcs)$ 8.50

Flaky pastry stuffed with mashed potatoes and green peas, served with tamarind chutney

Fish Amritsari(G/D) (6pcs)$ 15.99

(An absolute favorite fish preparation from the city of Amritsar in Punjab. Fish fillet battered in chickpea flour, bread crumbs, carom seeds, egg & seasoned, deep fried, sprinkled with chat masala and accompanied by mint chutney

Chicken Tikka (GF/D)$ 14.50

Succulent chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt based red Marination with ginger & Garlic

Tandoori Prawns(GF/D)$ 16.99

Delicious prawns (8Pcs) marinated in yoghurt, seasoned, skewered & cooked in tandoor, smoky flavor served with fresh mint chutney

Mix Platter (GF/D)$ 22.50

A combination of 4 entrée Samosa, Onion bhaji, Chicken tikka & Malayi tikka served with delicious tamarind & fresh mint chutney

Murgh Malai Tikka (GF/D)$ 14.50

Succulent chicken fillet marinated in white pepper, cream, cashew nut paste cooked in tandoor 

  • Kid’s Butter Chicken$ 13

  • Chicken Nuggets & Chips$ 10

  • Fish Nuggets & Chips$ 10

  • Hot Dog & Chips$ 10

  • Fries$ 6.72

  • Butter chicken (GF/D/Nuts)$ 19.70

    Marinated succulent chicken fillet cooked in tandoor & braised in butter sauce, mildly spiced

  • Mango chicken(GF/D)$ 19.70

    Succulent chicken thigh fillet, cooked in a creamy-based gravy with a touch of mango

  • Chicken Tikka Masala (GF/D)$ 19.70

    Marinated chicken fillet cooked in tandoor and braised in mildly spiced creamy sauce with Paysanne cut onion &capsicum


  • Chicken / Lamb Jalfrezi (GF/D)$ 20.40

    Delightfully flavorful curry with tender pieces of meat cooked in tomato sauce, a touch of rich korma gravy, loaded with mix veggies, garnished with coriander leaves. Dating from the time of the Mughals

  • Kadhai chicken (GF/D)$ 20.40

    Chicken fillet cooked with onion &capsicum in an onion-based gravy. ginger &garlic, uniquely tempered with coriander seeds and garnished with fresh coriander leaves

  • Lamb/Chicken Korma (GF/D/Nuts)$ 21.20

    Lamb/ Chicken cooked in arich creamy, mildly spiced cashew nuts &almond based gravy

  • Lamb/Chicken Saag (GF/D)$ 21.20

    A special thick spinach curry, lambcooked with blended spinach &mildly spiced with exotic Indian spices


  • Lamb/Chicken Madras (GF/D/Nuts)$ 21.20

    A traditional south Indian style rich creamy curry, flavoured with coconut, cooked with blend of Indian spices

  • Lamb/Chicken Vindaloo (Hot)(GF/DF)$ 21.20

    A famous red-hot curry of Goan cuisine, traditionally cooked with ablend of exotic Indian spices

  • Lamb/Chicken Roganjosh (GF/DF)$ 21.20

    An aromatic preparation of Lamb, braised with thick gravy and ablend of spices, flavoured with garlic and ginger

  • Chef’s Special chicken/lamb (GF/D)$ 23.50

    A delicious preparation of chicken/lamb cooked in roasted onion-based gravy, fresh tomatoes, hint of cream, garnished with julienned ginger and fresh coriander

  • Papadums (4pcs)$ 3

  • Butter Naan / Plain Naan$ 4

  • Garlic Naan / Roti$ 4.50

  • Cheese Naan$ 4.99

  • Garlic & Cheese / Cheese & Spinach$ 5.50

  • Onion Kulcha$ 6.20

    Stuffed with chopped onion, carom seeds, chopped ginger & coriander and salt)

  • Peshawari naan$ 6.30

    Stuffed rich naan with raisins & grated coconut, slightly sweet

  • Chef’s Special Naan$ 6.50

    Stuffed with chopped chicken, fresh ginger, coriander and onions

  • Biryani (Veg 19.72(V)) (Chicken / Lamb) (Gf/DF)$ 20.40

    Aromatic basmati rice cooked in atraditional method *DUM* with exotic Indian spices saffron, fresh coriander and onion

  • Chicken Pulao Rice (GF/DF)$ 16.50

    Aromatic Rice Cooked with green peas, slices of onion and a touch of saffron

  • Pea pulao rice(GF/DF/V)$ 12

    Basmati rice cooked with peas, fresh ginger, coriander and chopped onion

  • Basmati Rice$ 6.40

  • Jeera Rice$ 7.40

  • Boysenberries Cheese Cake$ 10.00

    Slice of cake garnished and served with Berries

  • Chocolate Brownie$ 10.00

    Warm piece of brownie served with scoop of vanilla icecream & cream, topped with chocolate sauce & rainbow sprinklers

  • Ice Cream Sundaes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry)$ 10.00

    Choice of flavourings (Passionfruit, Strawberry, Chocolate), served with whipping cream and rainbow sprinkles

  • Butter Prawn (GF/D/Nuts)$ 22.70

    Succulent prawns cooked in delicious butter sauce with the exotic Indian spices

  • Fish Malabari (G)$ 22.70

    A popular delicious aromatic curry from south India (Kerala), succulent fish cooked with onion-based gravy, with coconut cream and slices of capsicum

  • Prawn saag(DF/GF)$ 22.50

    A special thick spinach curry, Prawncooked with blended spinach &mildly spiced with exotic Indian spices

  • Prawn Tikka Masala (GF/D)$ 22.80

    Prawns cooked in creamy butter sauce with Paysanne cut capsicum and onion,spiced with Indian spices

  • 3 Sisters(G/D)$ 24.99

    A combination of (fish, prawn &scallops) cooked in roasted onion-based gravy with atouch of cashew nut gravy, coconut cream, garnished with coconut crush

  • Prawn Malabari (GF/D)$ 22.70

    A popular delicious aromatic curry from south India (Kerala), succulent prawns cooked with onion-based gravy, with coconut cream and slices of capsicum

  • Raita$ 4.00

  • Mango Chutney$ 4.00

  • Onion Salad$ 5.00

    Red onion slices over shredded greens, sprinkled with chat masala with a lemon wedge

  • Indian salad$ 8.50

    Slices of red onion, carrot, cucumber & tomatoes, sprinkled with chat masala, coriander leaves and a lemon wedge

  • Mix Veg (DF/V/GF/)$ 19.70

    Healthy mixed vegetables (diced beans, carrot, cauliflower, peas,) cooked in roasted onion-based gravy with a hint of tomatoes, enriched by the cashew nut paste, spiced with Indian spices

  • Malayi Kofta (GF/D/Nuts)$ 19.70

    Mouth-watering rolls of mashed potato, paneer, simmered in a delicious, mild, rich, slightly sweet, onion &tomato-based gravy

  • Palak Paneer (D)$ 19.99

    A popular north Indian preparation of paneer cooked with a blended spinach curry

  • Daal Tadka(DF/V/GF)$ 19.80

    A very popular lentil curry from North India made from Toor daal & gets its distinct taste from a flavorful & aromatic tempering of butter, cumin seeds, ginger & Garlic, chopped onions & tomatoes, garnished with coriander leaves

  • Shahi paneer(GF/D/Nuts)$ 20.10

    A royal dish of the Mughlai cuisine made from Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) cooked in a rich cashew nut-based gravy and garnished with crushed cashew nuts & coriander leaves. Slightly sweet in taste and rich in protein

  • Daal Makhni (DF/V/GF)$ 19.50

    A famous preparation of black lentils, red kidney beans &butter, flavoured with ginger &garlic, garnished with fresh coriander leaves

  • Vegetable Korma (GF/D)$ 19.70

    A delicate preparation of mix vegetables beans, carrot, peas, cooked in arich mildly spiced cashew nut-based gravy

  • Aloo Matar (DF/V/GF)$ 19.50

    Delicious preparation of potatoes and fresh green peas, cooked in onion-based gravy and mildly spiced

  • Butter Paneer (DF/V/GF)$ 19.70

    Fresh Paneer cooked in delicious butter sauce

  • Palak Aloo (DF/V/GF)$ 19.99

    A popular north Indian preparation of aloo cooked with a blended spinach curry

  • DF - Can be Dairy Free
  • V - Can be Vegan
  • GF - Gluten Free
  • G - Gluten
  • D - Dairy

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